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HCG Diet in Boca Raton Florida

HCG Diet in Boca Raton Florida
Matthew C. Popkin, M.D. - Abraham R. Freeman, D.C., CCN, DACBN
5576-B W. SAMPLE RD, Suite 1B, MARGATE, FLORIDA 33073 - TEL: 954-586-8079

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HCG Diet in Boca Raton

Barry lost a total of 112 pounds with 40 to go!

Spencer lost 50 pounds and his low back and neck pain!

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Keep in mind that results vary from patient to patient. Not every patient loses 50 lbs in 90 days or loses over 100 pounds during the course of the diet. These results are not typical of every patient that uses the diet.

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HCG Diet and Weight Loss in Boca Raton Florida

Don't Pay Exorbitant Prices for HCG!
Visit Care Wellness In Margate and Save Hundreds!

HCG Diet Doctor in Boca Raton Florida Why travel to Margate for HCG Diet & Weight Loss? There are so many clinics, wellness centers, and medical offices throughout south Florida that are currently promoting the HCG diet and its benefits, so why travel to Margate's Care Wellness Center to obtain your HCG Injections or HCG Hormone Pills?

First and foremost, traveling a short distance to Margate (about a 15 minute drive), can save you as much as $900! Also, Care Wellness Center's HCG Diet program is physician supervised and has all the benefits of the best programs around town and then some!

Here are some of the benefits of our program:

  • Our program is Physician Supervised by a medical doctor, Matthew C. Popkin M.D. and two certified clinical nutritionists.
  • We follow the A.T.W. Simeon's protocol (the father of HCG Diet research) faithfully
  • We schedule weekly follow up assessments included as part of our program (no extra fee)
  • We have phone and email availability with our physicians to answer your any questions you might have after your appointments
  • You learn how to eat during the HCG maintenance phase of the program to keep the weight off
  • Our certified clinical nutritionists will teach you how to make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle that will help you keep the weight off once you complete the diet
  • Our HCG Injections and HCG Pills are produced in the USA, compounded with vitamin B12 and complete - nothing needs to be added to it
  • We are not just a weight loss clinic but a Holistic Health Care Center focused on your total health
  • Why pay $800-$1200 dollars for "window dressing" (extra stuff you don't need) when you can have a truly physician supervised COMPLETE program for $350!

That's right... $350.00 !!! That is our price for a 30 day supply of HCG Injections or Sublingual Pills (Your Choice) and that price is all inclusive, meaning you get a comprehensive health exam and evaluation as well as 4 follow up appointments, meeting with our certified clinical nutritionist weekly so you can keep all the weight off that you lose with our program.

With the HCG Diet and Weight Loss protocol you can expect:

  • Prevention of Type 2 diabetes
  • Improved blood sugar levels
  • An increase in energy
  • Reduction of pressure on your spine, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Improved mobility and endurance
  • Improved breathing
  • Reduced cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Eliminate or reduction of aches and pains
  • Better Sleep
  • A Decreased risk of stroke or heart disease

Before and After Pics of HCG Diet

With the HCG diet I lost a total of 50 lbs so far! This has jump started a new, healthier way of life for me! ~ Lauren in Margate Florida

So what are you waiting for? The first step to a healthy and slimmer new you is picking up the phone and calling us today at 954-586-8079 to schedule a free consultation. Learn more about other programs at Care Wellness Center

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HCG Diet in Boca Raton
Matthew C. Popkin, M.D. - Abraham R. Freeman, D.C., CCN, DACBN
5576-B W. Sample Rd, Suite 1B, Margate, FL 33073 - tel: 954-586-8079

HCG Diet in Boca Raton Florida